TWSK Episode 36 – The Barbarian

TWSK Episode 36 – The Barbarian

We take on the blood thirsty barb in this play-through of the Diablo 3 Beta!

3 Responses to “TWSK Episode 36 – The Barbarian”

  1. CPsloStudent Says:

    Will you be doing a team of Demon Hunters, Wizards, and Monks as well?

    This is pretty awesome! 😀

  2. CPsloStudent Says:

    Ha. Just finished the episode and heard your plans to do teams of Monks and Demon Hunters last.

    Will those be delayed for Blizzcon?

    • Hmm I hadn’t thought about it but I think they will, unless Dan and Ken bring their computers down to Anaheim, I think we’ll be waiting till after Blizzcon to record them!

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