TWSK Diablo Beta Series – Monk-2

Second video recorded during the same game as the first! Enjoy!

4 Responses to “TWSK Diablo Beta Series – Monk-2”

  1. I think the perm companion pets wouldnt be bad IF and only IF they werent things like murlocs or easter eggs.

  2. DotDotDot Says:

    Can’t see me using the pick up-companion at all, to be honest.

    On one hand it actually looks kinda odd to have some critter (even a pig, really?) bustling about and picking up gold for you but more so because (I think) I wouldn’t find it tedious (or whatever) at all to pick up all gold myself, even if it should be just the minimum “heap” of 1 lousy piece of gold.

    You already don’t have to click on it anymore to pick it up, isn’t that “streamlined” enough?

    One other thing I’d really appreciate being answered (since this hasn’t been brought up in the beta forums at all, afaik):

    That skill switch mechanic where the secondary skill bind to your right mouse button is switched for another (tertiary) one as long as key X (Default: Tab, I think) is pressed – has this been completely cut too, or is it just not implemented in the beta build?


    • Hey Tia!

      The X key is in the build. I experimented with it a bit, but didn’t really like the feel of it. Though it could have been my skill choices. I was using it for two attack skills, one with a longer cool down and one to spam regularly. I ended up forgetting which one I had equipped so I just reverted back to using the 1 key for the cool-downed spell.

      Default was X, Tab brings up your map.

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