Back to making videos!

Episodes 31 and 32 Youtubes!!

Episode 31 Youtube

Episode 32 Youtube

5 Responses to “Back to making videos!”

  1. What about EP 32?

    And I’ve developed a habit to spam you with stuff you already (might) know about, but what the heck!

  2. I know beta is so dam close I can smell the blood shed did you see the screen shots on forces YouTube channel too dam

  3. You guys mentioned in episode 32 sometihng about parental controlls. Why does an M rated game need them? I know in the real world we will have like 6 years olds playing but whats the point of getting rated for adults only if your still add parental controlls for the little 7 year olds. Frankly i remember playing D2 in like fourth grade, and it was Horrifing. I played D1 in third grade. These arent eh kinda of games for little kids really, in my view do we really need to soften it up for kids when they arent supposed to be in it at all? The real quesiton do we really want little newbs runnin around ruining are fun?

    • It was parental controls for your account. Your account manages you WoW, Starcraft and in future, Diablo 3 accounts all in one. Lots of parents who let their kids play WoW, won’t let them play a mature game like Diablo 3.

      • ah ok i totaly forgot about 2.0, I was thinking Diablo 3 based parental controlls like a time limit and stuff and amybe a gore filter. Thanks I totaly brained that.

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