TWSK Episode 32 – The Worldstone Keep

TWSK Episode 32 – The Worldstone Keep Audio is fixed!!! Enjoy!


Timestamp – Lore [Start-28:41] D2Act5 [28:41-43:00] News [43:00-End]

In this episode our dirge of Diablo 2 is sung as we close out the final act of the amazing game that has claimed the years of so many. We had a bit of trouble with the recording this show, and by we, I mean ME, so community feedback will be re-recorded with the next episode we do. What does this mean? It’s means no community feedback this show, and twice as much next show, so look forward to that!

Diablo Comic Book

Diablo 3 Class Skill Showcase Videos – Cudos Dotdotdot!

13 Responses to “TWSK Episode 32 – The Worldstone Keep”

  1. Doomscream Says:

    I just killed Baal before listening to the PodCast, I decided to try a Blade Fury Assassin, so far it’s fine for Normal. Tyrael can be a real troll sometimes… Opening portals that you can’t enter…

  2. Is it just me, or does this stop working around 10 minutes before the end?

  3. Doomscream Says:

    Make sure you check your e-mail regularly for any possible Beta invites 🙂 I really hope you guys get some.
    (Actually one will do too… it would be quite amusing to see you guys discuss this on the PodCast, who should get in the Beta and why. Something tells me that Dan will raise some hilarious arguments :D)

    • Doomscream Says:

      Alrgiht, so since we got to see the final concept of the resources what do you guys think about them both visually and gameplay-wise?

      There are a lot of discussions on the forums (both official and unofficial) about changing the mana to mojo, voodoo or whatever; and some other issues about the Monk’s Spirit and the DH’s H/D colors…

  4. DotDotDot Says:

    Some food for thought:

    [quote=Some dude over at]
    So it seems that every class has one of those skills that let’s them go into nephalem mode.
    The ones for the Barbarian, Wizard and Demon Hunter are obviously Wrath of the Berserker, Archon and whatever-it-is-called that gives the Demon Hunter the purple Tyrael wings respectively.
    But what about the Monk and the Witch Doctor? Is anything known about their nephalem form skills?

    [quote=Same dude again]
    Nevermind, according to the Wiki and the description that there’s no description available it seems to be “Mystic Ally” for the Monk and “Big Bad Voodoo” for the Witch Doctor(?).
    Wonder what they do exactly. Maybe for the Monk some sort of Noob Saibot-like splitting into two seperate entities doing some crazy otp-**** like and for the Witch Doctor a temporary transformation into some sort of super undead creature like a D&D archlich or something.

    [quote=Same dude once more]
    But wouldn’t it be kinda odd if only the barbarian, the wizard and the demon hunter would have those nephalem form skills at their disposal? If those three have it why not the other two also?

    • Doomscream Says:

      Can I answer that? 😛
      Essentially most of the skills are ‘inspired’ by the Nephalemic heritage.

      The Barbarian however (of all the D3 classes) seems to evoke ‘all(only)-nephalemic’ skills, since they follow the ways of Bul-Kathos and most of them tie with Bul-Kathos’ signature anger issues and protein diets.
      I’d also like to mention the Wizard since s/he is using The Arcane Powers of the UNIVERSE *echo *echo, and not the so labeled ‘nephalem abilities’. Sure her heritage grants her the potential to handle those magics better, but they are not her own. I guess you can say that for the WD and the Monk also to some extend, since they tap in their own religion’s powers and simply channel it, but the Wizard stands out the most.

      Moreover I had a discussion in the DFans forums about this a while ago. If you actually think about it, all of the societies on Sanctuary were basically branches(sects? lol) lead by powerful Nephalem – for example Rathma and the Necromancers, Bul-Kathos and the Barbarians, Esu and the Zan Esu, Fiacla-Géar and the Druids etc.

      I can go to grater lengths decribing this, but I don’t want to post walls of text, so I hope you got the basic point.

      PS: Aren’t mantras some sort of ‘mode’ then? 🙂

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