New Diablo III Community site is up!

Find it HERE!

…and the new forums HERE!

Many thanks to Serenitynow for the heads up!

16 Responses to “New Diablo III Community site is up!”

  1. CPsloStudent Says:

    Huzzah! And it allowed me to post this morning.

    Yesterday I was getting some nasty Error 500 thing going on.

    Watch out for the bugs!

  2. This I’d say is a good sign that beta is very close
    Here’s a good show start question
    What PC hardware you have or plan to build to play D3 ?
    I have a AMD phenom II x6 2.8 6Gigs ram. 285 Gforce grafix card 82″ TV screen monitor .

    • 82″?!?! Surely that can’t be right!

      • Yes it’s a Mitsubishi 82 inch DLP tv yes I go big I also do sim racing

      • Millions of tiny mirrors!!!!! Dang dude, that thing is epic! I have to say D3 looks amazing on a gigantic screen, my mouth was watering during the demo in the Blizzard theater! I may have to try it out on my 42″, small potatoes compared to yours, but I’ll just sit real close 😛

  3. geez_louise Says:

    The amount of praise-spamming / brown nosing WoW and SC2 peeps on the new forums is vomit inducing.
    (Almost) Gone are the days of (constructive) criticism coming from the true Diablo playerbase, either negative or positive.
    Well played, Blizzard.

    • Well with the new forums the only people allowed to post are people who have active WoW or SC2 accounts. That’s why it appears that only they are posting. They don’t accept Diablo 2 accounts on the new forum system so you’ll have to wait till release before you can post under your D3 account.

  4. DotDotDot Says:

    You might want to put some sort of helmet on, so that your head doesn’t explode.

  5. Doomscream Says:

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