TWSK Episode 31 – Cheeseburger Fund

TWSK Episode 31 – Cheeseburger Fund


Apologies for the terrible audio on my end for this one. My nephew borrowed my good headset while I was on vacation. That coupled with a cold, just made for a terrible recording combination.

Doomscream links…

Mass interview compilement from Media Event

Class Skills

Interview compilement from Gamecom

…I love making up words, thanks Doomscream!

14 Responses to “TWSK Episode 31 – Cheeseburger Fund”

  1. Doomscream Says:

    I wonder why you decided to watch Tangled…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Doomscream Says:

    Wasn’t the name of Mephisto son Lucion, not Lucien? I guess that’s relevant.

    And rares are still yellow and legendaries are orange. The crappy quality of the screenshots make rares look like green. Green is still for quest items.

  3. Doomscream Says:

    I got these cheeseburgers, maaan.

  4. Serenitynow Says:

    i believe the active skill slots unlock at 6 12 18 24. for some clarification.

  5. Ramenman. Says:

    If there was one thing you could add and/or remove from the game what would it be?

  6. serenitynow Says:

    new d3 forums are online!

  7. CPsloStudent Says:

    So… how is that new heatsink coming? Eh? Eh?

  8. woot i was mentioned on this episode!

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