TWSK is back!

Well the hiatus is over. I am back from vacation and jonesing to record another show. Since we record on the weekends, it’s looking like I have a few days to catch up on my D3 news and forum speak. If everything works out, we’ll have a new show to dump on you this weekend. Stay tuned!

16 Responses to “TWSK is back!”

  1. Keep it clean I don’t like getting Pooped on

  2. Welcome back dude! Hope you had a good break and I’m looking foward to the next podcast!

  3. awesome, i need my TWSK fix!! 8)

  4. Doomscream Says:

    The weekend is upon us!

  5. So, is this gonna be a live one?

  6. Doomscream Says:

    I am again collecting interviews from GamesCom. I am expecting at a few more from 2-3 other websites to show up any moment now.

    And wtf?!

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