Some new screen shots and updates!

Doomscream has been doing some killer legwork for us and gathering screen shots and new info from various sources. A screen shot of the Demon Hunter’s resource has surfaced, which painfully illustrates how wrong I was with my rendition from memory…

Also on the ninja screen grab list are the Stone of Recall, the Cauldron of Jordan and the Nephalem Cube… compliments of our Chinese friends!

On the non screen grab side of things, in the textual arena, we have a comprehensive LIST of the class skills brought to us by the French!

And finally in slighley less exciting news, I have fixed the audio for the B-roll breakdown footage, and it’s now up on the Youtubes. Enjoy!

27 Responses to “Some new screen shots and updates!”

  1. Doomscream Says:

    I should note that the list has some missing skills like the Poison Dart and the Skull of Flame for the Witch Doctor. Simply missed by accident I believe.

  2. Doomscream Says:

    And I am still constantly updating the topic collecting all the interviews, so you might want to check that again.
    Although most of them cover the same things over and over again.

  3. Doomscream Says:

    In other news, D3 Beta by the end of Q3.

  4. Motorskull Says:

    Very well done and thanks for collecting all that stuff together Doomscream.
    Also, can’t wait to watch the vid…next week šŸ˜› Thanks again for all the hard work, gang.
    One question I have got, BP, if you are able to remember from your playthrough: What was the rate and quality of item drops?

    • Item drops were… act 1 beginning quality šŸ™‚ Really though, I only found blues and a few rings. I didn’t pay much attention to the drops though, I was so focused on everything else. One thing that did bug me was the book cases in the dungeon, I think out of the 20 or 30 I clicked on, only one dropped a page of training, totally not worth the finger effort.

      Anyway, I wish you the best Motorskull and I hope you have a safe trip and a killer wedding! See you on the other side!

      • Motorskull Says:

        Thanks very much for the good wishes mate šŸ˜€ Everything here is a little go-go-go atm šŸ˜›

        Yeah, that’s what I was sort of getting at with my question, whether the drops were of such frequency that you were able to swap some low level magic items in to your fashion ensemble, but not enough that you had a bag full of dross by the end. Now that they have (very thankfully) done away with low-quality gear, have they made up the slack (in total item drop frequency) with other stuff, if you see what I mean?

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, there was still a good amount of crap drops, but the Nephalem Cube and Cauldron of Jordan made light work of them šŸ˜€ Turned that garbage into mats or quick cash in a matter of seconds, no town trip required!

  5. Ramenman. Says:

    So which Crest (not character) do you guys like best?

  6. Doomscream Says:

    The Chinese managed to take a truck load of pics… – Barb Skills – WD Skills – DH Skills – Monk Skills – Wizard Skills

  7. what random events did you come across in the beta?

    can monks block with staves or pole type weapons?

    • I didn’t come across too many, or any for that matter, random events. I the beta build they had was pretty small and limited so I assume the bulk of the random events haven’t been put into the beta build and they are saving them for release. (They made a point in saying they wanted to keep story line spoilers to a minimum before launch.)

      As for the monk, I never got to ask that question in particular, but from what I’ve played/seen, if you have a monk with a staff type weapon, he will be using it in some unique ways. So I would assume he would be able to block with them.

  8. pdpsyndrome Says:

    has blizzard said anything about how much play time is in 1 run through the game?

  9. DotDotDot Says:

    So what is each TWSK crew member’s stance on the ongoing ‘alyways online’ debate?

    Are you okay with basically renting the game experience and let Blizzard effectively dictate where, when and for how long you can play the game you paid $60 for and definitely is not a MMO?

    Can you accept a game experience that most probably will be spoiled because of lag, disconnects (= HC death warrant), server maintenances, etc (maybe not for you personally but for a lot of other people) when all those issues could easily be solved by including an offline mode?

    All that just because of Blizzard’s concerns regarding cheats, hacks, reverse engineering attempts, etc which, on top of that, the exclusion of an offline mode can only delay for so long and, again, could easily be solved by a strict segregation between the online and an offline mode?

    And let’s not forget some of the ultra lame or plain wrong arguments Blizzard came up with so far like the rather intelligence-insulting claim that people could not distinguish between online and offline characters, that “99.9% of people out there have (stable) internet connections (even on planes!)”, that hardcore characters “are generally the type of characters people want to play online () for bragging rights” and other nonsense.

    A slot for this in the next cast would be very much appreciated.

  10. Guys, just to let you know, that fire/lava that pops up during the video isn’t from a skill. It’s a champion/rare monster mod called “Molten”. The monster creates pools of lava around it and when it attacks as well.

  11. CPsloStudent Says:

    So… when will I be able to get my next TWSK fix?

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