TWSK Episode 30.5 – Diablo 3 Media Event Show PT 2!

TWSK Episode 30.5 – Diablo 3 Media Event Show PT2!

Episode 30.5 Youtube

Diablo 3 Media Event B-Roll Footage

Demon Hunter Class Video (Audio from Blizzard presentation)

D3 Intro Cinematic (Audio from Blizzard presentation)

Moving Ep 30.5 to it’s own post for itunes podcasting reasons… also I want a poll.

Mock up of the DH resource. This is just a rough conjured from memory.

28 Responses to “TWSK Episode 30.5 – Diablo 3 Media Event Show PT 2!”

  1. SerenityNow Says:

    When jay was discussing pvp did he mention if the ffa mode was still something they were looking to put in? I think espcially with the fast respawns having like a 8 player ffa match would be by far the most fun and chaotic mode.

  2. Why the fuck is this 50+% favorable?

  3. Ramenman. Says:

    Hey guys, love your work. Do you guys by any chance have any footage of the 5 diff opening cinimatics

    • Unfortunately no, they played two videos during the main presentation but gave us only the b-roll footage in the press kit. I have the audio recorded and I can upload that if you want a teaser.

      • Doomscream Says:

        Is that Cain speaking in the the Cinematic Intro? He does sound older, Michael Cough is awesome, he can really provide the voides for numerious characters and it will still be hard to recognize them.
        The Male DH’s voice is cool too.
        You said that they are taking a new approach for the cinematics with the animated drawings and stuff. I hope they won’t deny us some amazing GCI eventually…

      • Not sure if it’s Cain or not, but I assume it is. Yeah it was kind of pencil sketch style on old paper, you can hear the scratches of the pencil/pen at the beginning if you listen for it. I’m really hoping for some CGI vids too, it was cool, but would have been waaaaaaaaaaaay cooler if it was CG.

      • Doomscream Says:


  4. Doomscream Says:

    And ty for the mock up of the DH’s resource 🙂

  5. Have they said anything about multiple servers or is there possibly going to be a couple hundred thousand people all using the same AH?

  6. Doomscream Says:

    I am looking for voices of reason that can contribute to the discussion I’ve brought up on the forums. Basically I don’t want the thread to sink into oblivion just like that, because of the QQ topics that pop up every minute or so. I’d really appreciate your feedback! 😀 And hopefully we might get a reply from Bashiok himself 🙂

  7. Mhm… This Poll lacks a choice:
    “I’m gonna play on hardcore, so I don’t care”.

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