Diablo 3 Media Event Show!!!!

We recorded the show last night. Two hours of relentless Diablo 3 information. It felt amazing to get it all out, we can’t wait to share it with you come August 1st. It will be up at 12:01 AM PDT. Be ready to have your mind blown, you may have to listen to it a few times to let everything soak in, it’s ridiculous how much we managed to cram into the two hour time slot. We’re also planning on releasing a second show at the same time, not as long, but hopefully equally as enjoyable. See you then!

5 Responses to “Diablo 3 Media Event Show!!!!”

  1. DisposableHero Says:

    you should like sneak me a copy right now so i can prepare myself. i don’t like surprises lol

  2. serenitynow Says:

    Awesome gentlemen cant wait. I will be waiting up till 4am atlantic time. Let’s Start the Insanity!

  3. CPsloStudent Says:

    Gah! I am going to have to listen [i]days[/i] after the release, since I will be out of town. I can feel it grating on my mental well-being already.

    I am totally looking forward to the my TWSK fix!

  4. DotDotDot Says:

    Any chance you could make the press kit (a.k.a. all the new shiny HD footage) available for download when the NDA lifts (provided there was something like that given out to the participants)?


  5. […] actually tomorrow (August 1st @ 12:01 AM PDT). D3 Twitter Diablo-Source DiabloDB DiabloFans The Worldstone Keep Reply With […]

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