Question list I’m bringing to Blizzard!

I have not filtered these, nor put my own bias in against them. I will ask the highest rated questions, and work my way down to the lowest. No idea how many I will be able to ask.

5 Responses to “Question list I’m bringing to Blizzard!”

  1. Serenitynow Says:

    Possible to add a question? if not its cool. was wondering if items are restricted to only dropping in their difficulty. I agree 100% with what you said ina earlier ep lvl 5 or 10 items etc should not be dropping in hell.


  2. DotDotDot Says:

    You’re still going to check if equipping weapons or off-hand items is mandatory, will ya? Pretty please?

    Would be a shame if I (and probably a couple of other “odd builders”) had to scrap the bare handed monk build, among others.

  3. farnham Says:

    personally i liked finding ‘normal’ or ‘exceptional’ items in hell because i like to low level duel as well as high level duel, sometimes the best ‘normal’ items were found in hell, due to max sockets, etc, or an ethereal crystal sword with godly mods to upgrade into an ethereal phaseblade (indestructible)

  4. Doomscream Says:

    The longest weekend EVER!

  5. Hey, could u guys post a link to which ever one of you asked the question at blizcon (youtube). thx

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