TWSK Episode 29 – Dirk Diggler’s Spear of Penetration

TWSK Episode 29 – Dirk Diggler’s Spear of Penetration


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10 Responses to “TWSK Episode 29 – Dirk Diggler’s Spear of Penetration”

  1. Oh god, you really made this the episode name…

    This is the single reason why the other Diablo podcasts aren’t nearly as good ^^

  2. Serenitynow Says:

    In regards to the lvl for the pre 1.1 patch i beliveve it was 5 for normal 7 for nm and 3 for hell on average unless you were a realitively high lvl for it a the time.
    Have fun in irvine joe the time is near.

  3. DisposableHero Says:

    Best. Episode Name. Ever.

    And Joe, you better bring back some goodies from your little adventure….

  4. DotDotDot Says:

    Good ‘un, gentlemen.

    Only thing that’s left me a bit puzzled is where one could find that poll you were mentioning a couple of times?

  5. Hi guys, I have a question for next weeks podcast if you think it might be worth discussing? Thanks, Seph.

    “What do you guys think of the future expansions in terms of what storyline/extra content, Blizzard may provide? (pre-emptive, I know). Assuming you actually defeat Diablo in the main game, do you think it may lead into new characters or dangers that will propel the series to continue beyond D3, or do you think that this will this perhaps be the final Diablo game?” (If you mention a Diablo MMO, I will kill someone)

  6. CPsloStudent Says:

    Excellent show, once again. One thing that still amazes me about Act 5 in recent patches are the guest monsters. There are some crazy monsters hiding in the side areas (like Abbadon) that you cannot see anywhere else. For instance, there are some Salamander Mages that throw fire-versions of some attack that reminds me of the horrible-poison-javelins thrown by the Serpent Mages in Nihlathak’s area. It’s crazy! It really is too bad that there is not much motivation to wander through those side areas, since the drops are not amazing, and most people just prefer to hang out in… The Worldstone Keep. (That’s right. Pun intended.)

    Correction: Malah does not give you a resistance potion. She gives you an uber-thawing potion to rescue Anya, and then after you rescue Anya she gives you a scroll that casts a “permanent” spell of resistance. (I think Joe mentioned this when talking about quests.)

    I have heard that the resistance bonus is lost in the game instance upon death, despite what the lying-character-screen says, but I only have anecdotal evidence of dying to Burning Souls like a chump to support this claim.

    Oh, and did you guys remember that the most recent D2:LoD patch added a couple of Barbarian Mercenaries (i.e. new names), which hints that they may be NPCs in D3?

    As for Anya’s Class-Specific reward, it was SO FUN to be playing a Bowazon, and Anya would give you a Zon-Javelin in all three difficulties, because, you know, she’s a ho.

    As for fighting the Ancients, it was so much easier on softcore to play in multiplayer, because you could all leave up TPs below the stairs, so if anyone died, they could respawn and heal up, take someone else’s TP, and rejoin the fight without resetting the Ancients. Playing solo, I usually just prepped by leaving something like 50 potions on the ground so I could pick them up in mid-battle to refill my belt.

    The hardest solo Hell-difficulty Ancients I played was with a skeleton Necro when one of them spawned as physical immune. After they killed off all of my minions, I ended up equipping an Edge runeword (Thorns aura!), casting Amplify Damage to break the immunity, and summoning clay golems until they killed themselves off. I think it took 30 minutes or so.

    As for the Serpent Mages’ poison attack, it actually does chunks of physical damage too (very very quickly). You, and your mercenary, will be far more durable if you stack up flat physical damage reduction on top of high poison resistance.

    As for bosses dropping better items on the first kill, there is a built in “quest drop” that only drops when you are completing the quest the first time. I think in general, it gives something like 50% better chances of dropping extra rare / unique items. There are magical item drop calculators online that can show you the comparative drop chances on a quest drop vs. a normal drop.

    Community feedback response: Whatthe?!? My gas potion assassination of Diablo could not have possibly involved Thunderstorm, since I was playing a pure summoner Druid. Actually, the only reason I had that Druid is because I originally wanted a Raven Druid with 20 Ravens flying about, and when I hit level 6 I discovered that they cap your Ravens at 5, so I switched to Spirit & Dire Wolves and the Grizzly to keep my damage output high enough to make it through Normal Difficulty.

    I’ve heard that the more recent patches actually allow the Druid summoning skills to synergize with item bonuses, not just from raw skill points, so it might actually be possible to build one if you have the right equipment theses days. But originally, the summoning tree on the Druid was downright terrible compared to the Necro, and I have never forgiven the Druid since.

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