TWSK Episode 28 – Diablo

Where is episode 28?! Oh… there it is!

TWSK Episode 28 – Diablo

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Time Stamp – Lore [Start-30:46] D2Act4 [30:46-53:18] News [53:18-1:23:33] Community Feedback [1:23:53-End]

Well it’s finally here, episode 28! More lore, closed out D2act4, news and some community feedback! Next show will hopefully be this Saturday, but no guarantees. Also, I have no time to get it up on Youtube just yet, but I will have it up tomorrow evening (Friday). Hope you enjoy it!

24 Responses to “TWSK Episode 28 – Diablo”

  1. Motorskull Says:

    Hooray! Thanks for the show once again, guys. In theory, I am at work, so the man might think it’s bad form to listen to it now. What can I say? I’m a slave to societal conventions. Except for the whole ‘wearing pants’ bit.

  2. Doomscream Says:

    Will the next episode be recorded live?

    • No sir, ep 29 will not be live. We were planning on having ep 30 be live, but the Diablo Media Event pushed that back, so it’s looking like ep 31 will be live.

  3. great stuff guys!

    i lol’d when you guys said you summon tragoul for a wish ahahaha

  4. Doomscream Says:

    The wierest drop I got was back during 1.07 when I killed Diablo on Normal with a Druid with 0 % MF and I got the Immortal King’s Will (The Helmet)…. I mean I got a set item for level 47 with a 26 level character?! Too bad it didn’t have 2 sockets back then….

    • Doomscream Says:

      Oh, and did you know that when you press Shift + 1 (or 2,3,4) you will heal your merc with the potions on your belt? 😀

      • Hahahaha I did know that, it’s had me killed more than a few times, had the shift button held down and went to heal myself but went to my merc instead ><

  5. Doomscream Says:

    Is it appropriate to submit my questions for the Press Event here? Anyways I will do so 😀

    1. Is there any form of diminishing returns in D3? How will they be handled with the different types of CC abilities in PvP? And will there be a convenience tool to track them?

    2. What happened to Leoric’s sword that Griswold crafter for him? How did the get this HUGE mace?

    3. Aren’t you afraid that Diablo’s universe will become too “overcrowded” if you keep introducing new and new factions instead of (further) developing some of the more mysterious factions like the Taan Mage Clan, the Druids etc?

    4. Since there’s a lot of arguments going on about an inspection feature or an armory page, how are they going to handle it? (This was anwered by @Diablo Twitter, but with no further elaboration)

    5. Will the Artisan’s leveling curve span only across Normal or will it unclude Nightmare and Hell too, and approximetely how much time and resources do we need to spend on them in order to hit the max level? Basically, an information update on the Artisans. I would like to learn more about the Mystic and Jeweler though, some specific on Enchanting perhaps.

    6. Will future classes be completely new to the D2 universe, basically is there chance to see some of the older classes in an expansion (avoid mentioning Necromancers )? And maybe as a follow-up how could they handle a shapeshifter, like the Druid, and how could it work with the 7 skills limit and a unique resource?

    7. Can we get an example how the Talisman will be improved? And is it too optimistic to think that will see it implemented with a patch, instead with an expansion.

    • Doomscream Says:

      8. Now that all classes can use shields, how will they be handled across classes? So far we know that they won’t function like in D2 where they completely mitigated all incoming damage and if you played your cards well you could raise your shield block chance really high and become almost unhittable. And how will the balance between sword and board, dual wielding and using a two-handed weapon will play out?

      9. Willpower how EXACTLY does it affect the different resources?

      Sorry for the uber spamming, but I couldn’t edit my posts…

      But while I am at it:

  6. Awesome guys, It’s great to hear from you guys and reading my comments. A really important question that is on everyone’s mind. With the realease date of D3 crawling ever near, what are the plans for TWSK after release? Assuming Ken doesnt go comatose from lack of sleep. Keep up the good work.

    • I really have no set gameplan for the show after D3 comes out. I’m kind of playing it by ear. I’d love to continue doing it, though we may have to introduce some new segments to the show. I’m not too worried about it though, ideas will come in time. There were talks of making a TWSK guild if D3 supports guilds, so it would be pretty cool to form that and play regularly with the cast and listeners. Vent server is an option as well.

      • that sounds awesome. Id really like to see the new segments. Im also pretty sure that when D3 releases there will be a few more books released to review. If there is guild gooness then Im in :3

  7. Serenitynow Says:

    In one of the ep’s cant remember which off op my head they all want to make a twsk guild and have and operate a ventrillo server, thats about all i know about post d3 release for twsk.

  8. CPsloStudent Says:

    Very enjoyable show, as usual.

    Your discussion of fighting Diablo reminded me of one summer where I had no internet, and installed D2:LoD on a crap computer just to pass the time. I tried making a pure summoner Druid on the original unpatched version. Diablo would 1-shot my pets easy, and I could not land a hit with my maul. Luckily, that patch allowed Halbu to “repair” throwing potions, so I methodically dropped Diablo with a metric colonload of gas potions, and something like a hundred town portals.

    Here’s to endurance!

    • DotDotDot Says:

      Yeah, that’s basically the (tentatively titled) 144pg “Book of Cain” thingie that’s supposed to come out end of November (together with the game hopefully).

      Haven’t heard of that 5 volume “Sword of Justice” graphic novel before though. Bridging the gap between D2:LoD and DIII + mainly revolving around events connected to Azurewrath (a.k.a. Tyrael’s sword) like the destruction of the Worldstone, the following aftermath and the whereabouts of the sword sounds verrry interesting.

      • Doomscream Says:

        Azurewrath is Izual’s former sword. And it should be noted that Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice -> The Sword of Justice.

  9. DotDotDot Says:

    Right, I always mix those two up.
    “Azureblade” it is.

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