TWSK is now on Reddit!

I would like to personally rage at David, aka Onebit, for getting me addicted to Reddit. Going to introduce me to heroin next? In any case, he’s now posting our episodes up on Reddit for us. For those of you who don’t know, they have a Diablo Subreddit section that may interest some of you.

Oh, and welcome redditors! It’s nice to have you here, hope you enjoy your stay :)!

6 Responses to “TWSK is now on Reddit!”

  1. Motorskull Says:

    I hope you get all the upvotes – I regret that I have but one to give. The Diablo subreddit is pretty small… submit to r/gaming too!

  2. Doomscream Says:

    Hey! Good for your!
    But I want my blasted episode 28
    …. please?

    • Working on it, had to adjust for various reasons… trying to get it recorded by the end of this week!

      • SerenityNow Says:

        any idea as of yet when you will be able to get together and record another ep?

        on a side note there has been a few blue posts on the d3 forums that you guys can talk bout atleast seeing how we havnt had any new news. cooldowns on high end skill, big plans for a d3 summitt type thing.different options for show loot, to name a few.
        Looking forward to the episode in any case cant wait to get back into the lore.

      • We’re going to try for tomorrow for episode 28.

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