TWSK Episode 27 – Huge Effing News!

TWSK Episode 27 – Huge Effing News!

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Time Stamp
Lore [Start-28:52] D2Act4 [28:52-1:11:20] News [1:11:20-1:24:51] Community Feedback [1:24:51-End]

19 Responses to “TWSK Episode 27 – Huge Effing News!”

  1. Thanks so much for having those timestamps! It’s convenient to be able to skip to whatever section you want to hear.

  2. CPsloStudent Says:

    Yay! I look forward to listening to it.

  3. DotDotDot Says:

    The return of the sound samples!

    Oh and btw, Lord De Seis was named after a Blizzard or Blizzard North guy of the name De Seis if I remember correctly. No special lore to it.

    Enjoyed listening this so far…

    • Yes, I’ve missed the sound effects. It’s just a lot of extra work which is why I haven’t done them in a while. Figured I owed the listeners though since it was about 3 weeks before we got this episode out.

      Thanks for the info on De Seis!

  4. Hey guys Great to see a new episdoe, and you CAN kill teh demon in the beggining of Demons souls! u just get killed by the big dragon afterwards 😛

  5. serenitynow Says:

    another quality episodes gentlemen, thanks.

    Sixen gave a brief rundown on what to expect to these blizz events.

    starts around 10 am around the time everyone gets there.Then everyone goes into a theatre type place where all the information is given by the project leader majority of the time, Jay Wilson for diablo 3 im guessing. Then a one hour break from 12 – 1.Then all the major sites : g4 ign etc, each get to have a 45 min interview – roughly 4 hours give or take, meanwhile all the fansites can sit down and play the latest version of the game(alpha – im guessin).
    After that all the fan sites invites get invited in all at once and do a group interview sort of thing.

  6. Doomscream Says:
    LoL, another would-be-leaker…

  7. Motorskull Says:

    Once again, great show fellas. I enjoyed it. Huge effing news indeed! Well played…make sure you remember everything you see; e v e r y t h i n g. 😛

    • Thank you Motorskull!

      I’m planning on having a mic strapped to my chest the whole time. Who wants to waste time writing notes when there is demon slaying to be had? That way I can talk as I play and not miss or forget a scrap of info, it will be glorious!

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