TWSK is going to Blizzard!

Around noon today I received an invitation to go to the press event for Diablo 3 at the Blizzard HQ in Irvine! Needless to say I couldn’t believe it, I’m still actually very much in shock! Come July 27th I will be able to get my wanting hands on Diablo 3!!!! Not to mention a developer presentation, developer interviews, and a Blizzard campus tour, including the Diablo dev area! They say the event will reveal the most recent and exciting features they have yet to share about Diablo 3. There is a NDA about information we gain until August 1st, but we’ll have a new show ready to go as soon as it’s lifted. As there will be a Dev Q&A, please feel free to submit any questions you have and I will do my best to get them answered. It is rather unfortunate my fellow cast members are unable to attend, but I’ll do my best to gather as much info as I can on their behalf as well as the listeners.

Thank you all for listening and supporting The Worldstone Keep. We are happy to provide entertainment and discussion, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our listeners so THANK YOU!!!!


Welcome Polish friends, hope you enjoy the show!

14 Responses to “TWSK is going to Blizzard!”

  1. Wow man grats, a question would be about disease, wether all disease atacks spread(if thats what makes it disease). In fact if you could ask him how disease will work as a type of dmg. However my most important question is one how will the WDs Gargantuan will look or even more importantly, how many Mongrels will the WD be able to summon at one times. Thanks in advance and again Congradulations

  2. This game will be Most Powerfull Ever …Dark Climat and Story Sweet Grafic hope when come expansion class palladin and nerco back to snactrum ^^

  3. EvilMali Says:

    I too am very excited for new news Beta .. Beta .. Beta …!!!!!
    Ok so maby something to ask , The auction house if their is one in game or on or on the smartphone? How will it work

  4. awesome news, im glad to see blizzard rewarded the good fan sites

    ive been listening to all of your episodes, they are great

    looking forward to the next episode

    keep up the good work guys

  5. as for a question, i would like to know if the monk has a passive ability to block with staves or pole type weapons, similar to diablo 1 monk staff block chance for melee attacks

    do i have to spend trait points for it? or is it a perk for being a monk?

  6. where can we submit questions?

  7. Noxifer Says:

    Ok, i have few questions that i think concern the vast majority of players that i would very much like to see answered by the developers. Here i go:

    1.Will Single Player require internet connection the same way it does in StarCraft2 and if so, would they consider changing their mind, since it’s gonna be hacked for Single Player anyways the way StarCraft2 currently is. As a legit player i would find it quite a nuisance to have to install pirate version in order to play Single Player when my internet is down instead of playing on my legit copy.

    2.I am very much interested in the trading system that will be taking place in Diablo3, ask them everything you could possibly think of 😛

    3.I am interested whether or not the same MMR system that is currently taking place in World of WarCraft will be implemented in Diablo3, my concern is that the system have been bugged for a while now and that there are countless complains from players on both the EU and US official forums as well as arena junkies, skill-capped and many other wow-related sites. In the end we want properly working system incorporated in Diablo3.

    4.In regards to privacy over would Blizzard consider implementing an option that lets you unable or disable the ability of other players to inspect you ingame or over some sort of armory, if they haven’t implemented such option already. My concern is that in a game in which PvP is not put on pedestal and with the such high number of possible character builds, i wouldn’t want people to have access to my choice of build in terms of stats and items, abilities and runes. In a game like Dialbo3 uniqueness should be protected and copy pasting builds should be prevented. Those that want to expose their characters should have such an option and those that want to keep their characters private should be also given an option to do so.

  8. AshestoAshes Says:

    Congrats TWSK,hope you have a good time playing the game, and taking in the surroundings.

    Questions for devs

    1.Do they plan on having high end collectable items/armor that really dont serve any purpose in any character builds(Like Tyrael’s armor in d2),that are extremely very rare?
    2.Update on gems what lvl of gems have they(if they have) decided to allow to drop?
    3.Update on magic find, what have they restricted it to? and will we be sacrificing considerably killing effeciency in order to find the best gear in game?
    4.will the Nephalem Cube only be used for salvaging or will it serve other purposes?

  9. DotDotDot Says:

    Third attempt since my previous ones didn’t get through at all for whatever reason:

    I’d like to know if it’s possible to play through the campaign without equipping any weapons or off-hand items (shields, orbs, shrunken heads) in regards to, for example “naked iron man” playthroughs.
    Not to mention the sheer awesomeness of a monk open palming / punching his way through the campaign with only his bare hands / fists.

  10. DotDotDot Says:

    Would be super awesome if you could ask or find out if there’s a mechanic or feature similar to D2’s “/players X” command (apart from the followers). You know, that one that let’s you simulate the presence of other (“X”) players in a singleplayer game.
    Of course this wouldn’t help encouraging co-op with real people at all but even Jay Wilson thought that would be a cool thing to carry over from D2, If I remember correctly.

  11. Congrats on the invite. You guys deserve it for running this podcast for as long as you have. Looking forward to your report back.

  12. SerenityNow Says:

    Just a few quick questions:

    1.Will the barb have any offensive(attack) warcries in this game?
    2.update on tp scrolls,only usable while not in combat?
    3.There was rumor of some kind of in-game besiary of some kind,Like a pokedex i was assuming soon as you encounter a certain type of monster it lists its name lore damage type that kind of thing. any truth to this?

    also thanks for the podcasts gives me something to look forward to while i await the release of d3.

  13. DotDotDot Says:

    Might be interesting to ask, if – and when, approx. how much community feedback has made it into the game?
    And, if the devs can (or want) maybe name a few of them, like toning down the color palette a little bit, including fan-suggested skill rune effects or even complete skills, prettying up the ingame models of certain character classes and so on…


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