This is just stupid crazy awesome!

Holy &$@%((#%(%#$)^, my mind has been blown. I knew about the system, but seeing it in action, just… wow.

Skill Rune System

4 Responses to “This is just stupid crazy awesome!”

  1. Motorskull Says:

    My favourite has got to be the vomit attack that the Witch Doctor can get.
    “Hey guys… I don’t feel so go-” *bleeah* “Ahh that’s bett-” *bleeeeah* “Better out than in, that what I always-” *bleeeeeeeeeeah*

    Apart from that; man, they look awesome. Can’t wait to try it all out!

  2. I know, right?
    Indigo rune causes my favored effects on most of the shown skills (the exception being the Witch Doctor’s skill).

  3. Yeah I like the Idea of The demon hunters cluster arrow that gets turned into monsters that life steel. (Golden)
    Gw guys, its really easy to keep up with d3 news now 🙂

    • messere Says:

      All good except for the name “Cluster Arrow”…

      I mean, look at the size of that thing! Don’t know about you, but something as big like this should have been called “Cluster Bomb” or “Cluster Missile” instead.

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