TWSK Live Show Images!

Here is a download link for the 19 images we’ll be going over during our live show on Saturday. The show will be at 10:00 AM PST, if you live in a different timezone there is a link down below with a time conversion table for you. Feel free to check out the images ahead of time and send us any theories/comments you have about the images that you want us to discuss. Hope to see you there!



Time Conversion Table

9 Responses to “TWSK Live Show Images!”

  1. Motorskull Says:

    Hmm… 3am Sunday for me. Time to start drinking coffee ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Holy crap Motorskull, where are you from? Russia… Australia?

  3. Bloodpenguin, can you please send me a message when you see this? Please and thank-you.

  4. Motorskull Says:

    There’s something about the look of the barbarian concept art/screenshots in D3 that I have been very pleased about for a long time, as compared with the in-game art for the barb in D2.

    I love how the ‘barbarism’ of the characters comes through now. I always thought in D2, even with the hats that LoD added, that there was nothing particularly barbaric in the look of the character, especially as you put on heavier armour.

    That certainly doesn’t seem to be the case now – just look at some of those pics, amongst the other shots that have been released. (And, from the bit of a taste of the idle animation you see in the barb runestone preview, where he hawks and spits, it certainly seems like the barbaric feel has made its way into the character animations as well. I can only hope the rest of the classes are as characterful.)

  5. messere Says:

    “Hip Hop Cultist” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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