TWSK Episode 24 – Followers Take One For The Team

TWSK Episode 24 – Followers Take One For The Team

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Direct Download for the press pack – Tank you Flux!

In this episode our four fabled friends are followed into hell and back… or not. Since followers get owned after normal, but that won’t stop em from trying. Bless their little heroic hearts. For more information on these three companions, listen to the latest from TWSK in episode 24 and see how the followers really do, take one for the team.

Enjoy the plethora of goodies below…

5 Responses to “TWSK Episode 24 – Followers Take One For The Team”

  1. Motorskull Says:

    Thanks for the great show fellas.

    I still think it’s a bit of a wasted opportunity that the followers won’t be so useful in the higher difficulties for SP, but with my disappointment being largely mitigated by the fact you’ll never see them as an active part of multi-player. It’s just a niggle.

    Here’s hoping that there will actually be 12-20 quests per act. That would be excellent. My hope is that the re-playability will stem from the random quests and their rewards as well as pointing your character a the same boss over and again.

    Great discussion about the re-playability and emotional contrast in games, too… an issue that has a cheeky parallel (in my mind anyway) with the whole colour/brightness ‘controversy’ of days-gone-by. You can’t have all black or all white all the time.

    We need those visual, auditory and emotional cues so we can appreciate how dark a certain emotion or space is in comparison with somewhere else in the game. This is the very thing that make you take a journey and invest yourself in the game (or really, a story in any medium).

  2. Always enjoy reading your feedback Morotskull. I appreciate you taking the time to provide it for us 🙂

  3. swordadpt Says:

    As do I 🙂

  4. Leviathan Says:

    Yet another enjoyable cast. Of all shapes and sizes of Diablo compendiums, this is my favorite. Wish I could put-a put-a ring on it.

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