Diablo III Follower System trailer

I need to go change my shorts… The fine people behind Cinderboy somehow got a hold of the Diablo 3 Follower trailer, the likes of which can be seen below.

Diablo III – Follower System trailer

I don’t know about you, but this gets me effin excited!!!!!!!!!!

17 Responses to “Diablo III Follower System trailer”

  1. noneofyourinterest Says:

    Looks radical but at the same time raises a lot of questions.
    Like, for instance, how’s it going to work out in co-op, since (I guess) everyone could bring their own follower with them, and thereby effectively surpassing the 4 player cap. Not to mention the balancing issues.
    Well, I’m sure you guys will dissect this and other issues in the next episode…

  2. Motorskull Says:

    As I said on the forum, I really like the way these followers are looking like shaping up. They *seem* to have ticked most of the boxes that I was hoping for with what they showed. Can’t wait to try out the real thing!

  3. cessation Says:

    I sure hope the followers are just optional “little helpers” and Blizzard doesn’t design or rather polish (dare I say, dumb down) the game around them being essential in any way for singleplayer playthroughs (it’s called singleplayer for a reason after all). Would definitely suck if the game forces them upon you through quest rewards (like the Rogue mercenary for completing the Blood Raven quest) or something similar.
    It just wouldn’t feel like you (and just you) against everything else if you absolutely have to drag around a follower.

    Don’t eff this up, Blizzard…

    • I don’t think you would ever be forced to use them. Now, weather or not they make single player easier to handle, that’s a different story. I imagine if you want a challenge, you can send them to town and take care of business on your own.

  4. Evilmali Says:

    Ok seems you guys forgot how to play D2 the merc was a quest and you did not need to do the quest or have them to come back after they died if you didn’t want to pay for them that’s fine. I loved playing with a game full of 8 players all with mercs it’s fun

  5. CPsloStudent Says:

    Some blue posts clarified the intention of the followers. For instance, they’re going to be pretty much worthless to keep around on higher difficulties, and you can only have one tagging along when you are playing alone. As soon as you party up, the follower is going to go hang out in town.

    I’m really excited about having control over what skills your follower learns. It reminds me of the SC2 campaign research.

    Community question: Which follower are you most drawn to initially and why?

    Cute blonde has her appeal, but I think the Scoundrel looks like he would be the most fun to have around. I’m not as enthused about the Templar, as it might feel like I am fighting beside a Paladin again. -.-

    • You always provide good feedback for discussion CPslo.

    • Motorskull Says:

      The fact that they’re SP only doesn’t bother me. The fact that they are Normal difficulty only does a little, since I think all the followers have an interesting story hook (from what little we’ve seen) and a great look about them. From my perspective, it’s a pity that Normal is the only place you have to really get a look at them.

      I think it detracts from Nightmare and Hell tbh – I imagine you still do the quests and bits of story in the higher difficulties that you do in Normal… but the ‘payoff’ (the follower) is lessened by being intentionally mediocre/bad. I don’t think that enhances the play experience for someone who’d prefer to play SP.

      I won’t go further here, but I summed up a lot of other thoughts here:

      As to your question: I actually like the Enchatress if I was forced to choose… but only by a very narrow margin over the other two. They all look fun.

      • Oh why couldn’t you have posted BEFORE we did the show 😦 we just finished and I got the email about the new post after the show. I think we may have covered it pretty well, the whole show seemed dedicated to the followers, but, you can be the judge and let us know how we did 🙂

  6. messere Says:

    Link for the Follower press kit (Courtesy of diii.net’s Flux):


    • Thanks for the link, downloaded it this morning from Diablo.Inc. Unfortunately didn’t have time to update the blog before I left for LA. Tomorrow is going to be a biiiiiiig day for the show and blog.

  7. messere Says:

    oh and you probably should update that link to the youtube version of the trailer to the official one on the official DIII YT channel:

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