TWSK Episode 23.5 – Buckets of Blood!

TWSK Episode 23.5 – Buckets of Blood!

In this episode our bulwark of beta buffs discuss the finer things in life… those in particular, Diablo 3 and it’s upcoming beta. I’ll keep this post short and sweet just like this episode, so sit back, grab a tasty beverage and enjoy the latest from The Worldstone Keep!

Episode 23.5 Youtube Playlist

Wei Wang Site

Wei Wang Sons of the Storm Art

Machinima All Your History: Blizzard Part 1

2 Responses to “TWSK Episode 23.5 – Buckets of Blood!”

  1. CPsloStudent Says:

    Nice addition to the podcast collection. I had forgotten about the change to the way Whirlwind works, and your chat about it got me all excited again. 🙂

  2. the_Langolier Says:

    When is the next show, I’m getting antsy!

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