Diablo FB 900k like images!

Here’s the latest batch of screenshots/concept art from the Diablo FB…

3 Responses to “Diablo FB 900k like images!”

  1. […] has released a new batch of artwork and screenshots. You can see them here: https://theworldstonekeep.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/diablo-fb-900k-like-images/ or on Diablo […]

  2. the_Langolier Says:

    You guys post the highest-quality FB images without watermarks.

    • Glad to be of service. To be considered a legitimate fan service by Blizzard, we are merely the means to the end of providing content handed down to us. We feel this content is not ours to put a stamp on and claim it as our own, that’s just wrong. We’re fans like everyone else and are happy to pass on assets unchanged from how they were give to us.

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