Diablo FB 875k Milestone Images

Two new images from FB, I’ve also included two Diablo related screenshots from the latest Blizzcast…

4 Responses to “Diablo FB 875k Milestone Images”

  1. TheEndlessBound Says:

    All your work is infinitely appreciated. Coming home to a new podcast is like crawling into the bosom of some lusty, beefed out, powerhouse of a barbarian woman and nuzzling myself to sleep. Sooooo comforting. Keep it up.

  2. Hahahaha, awesome comment! Thank you for listening, stuff like this is the reason we do!

  3. dotdotdot Says:

    Not really related to Diablo but since there was a mention of “barbarian”:

    The first proper trailer of the new 2011 Conan The Barbarian flick is out:

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