TWSK Episode 20 – Live Concept Art Show Part 1

TWSK Episode 20 – Live Concept Art Show Part 1

In this episode, our aggregation of art lovers drown in a sea of ink, paper and digital eye candy as we review a few pieces of the Diablo 3 concept art, found in the Diablo 3 concept art gallery. The audio version is available now, while the video version will be available sometime this week, look for it on the youtubes. The images we talk about can be found below… most are official D3 concept art pieces, a few are from links the live show audience provided during the recording. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “TWSK Episode 20 – Live Concept Art Show Part 1”

  1. CPsloStudent Says:

    I thought the live show was postponed due to connection difficulties. Did I miss something?

    Can you post a link to the video version as soon as you get it up? I think I will wait for that, since I am amazingly lazy.

  2. Godlyjoker Says:

    greetings, regarding lore i read recently that the prime evils were banished from the burning hells and sent and trapped in sanctuary, by belial and azmodan(at the end of the sin war). I was wondering with them(baal/meph/diablo) now being out of their soul stones and the world stone destroyed if there able to reenter hell at this point or where abouts they’ve been hangong out all this time.


  3. swordadpt Says:

    Answering your question is a bit tricky since there are still unknown variables to consider. The things that we do know is that according the later revelations in D2, the three actually masterminded their own exile. After which they used their knowledge of the soul stones to corrupt them and essentially use them as their anchor in the world. With the soul stones and worldstone gone, it seems highly likely and probable that they would then be able to return to hell, reassert their power, and return to Sanctuary in their true forms. Without the dampening force of the Worlstone, any angel or demon should be able to cross over without losing their real power.

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