Live show time converter!

Here is the conversion table I mentioned in Episode 19.

Time Converter

Live show will me Friday March 25th, 9:00 pm PST, on Ustream.

13 Responses to “Live show time converter!”

  1. Do you know/think there will be titles for completing the game on different difficulties like there was in d2(slayer/champion/etc) and any thoughts to what they might be?

  2. I really loved the titles in Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation, it depended on your play-style, how much you healed yourself, how much you killed, how long it took you to beat the game, how much you saved the game etc.

  3. What? What are you talking about? Did we talk about MGS on the show? I don’t remember that.

  4. No, never mentioned it, I just wish that type of stuff was in Diablo. Just mentioned that game because end-game titles came up

    BTW, the situation of monk murdering fallen dogs that was shown in a recent screenshot actually has a diffrent screenshot of itself.

  5. Rakanishu(Godlike[on facebook]) Says:

    Raka-Raka-Rakanishu? Raka-ka-ka-nishuuuuu… (Will I be in the game? Please say yesssss…)

  6. so Im on the east coast so the show is at 12am, can you please place a link to the Ustream?

  7. There’s a link on the right, where the rest are, that says “Live Show Page”.

  8. Uldyssian Says:

    Bloodpenguin, when are you going to upload the podcast nÂș 20?

    Can’t wait to listen it

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