TWSK Episode 17 – Carrier Pigeon and Smoke Signals

TWSK Episode 17 – Carrier Pigeon and Smoke Signals

In this episode our cadre of casters send word of challenge by carrier pigeon to an ancient demon, which had decided to unleash his terrible and limitless power to conquer a small village of the coast of Iceland, for a battle to the death! He accepted in the form of smoke signals, or at least we assumed, and we soon set off towards the small town he had overtaken. Upon entering the village we discovered he had not replied to our challenge, but what we thought were smoke signals of affirmation, were actually signs of the entire village being engulfed in flame. Unshaken by the massacre witnessed upon arrival, we carried on until we met said Mr. Bad Demon picking his teeth with the charred and crispified remains of our beloved carrier pigeon, Charlie Wilkinson Bradley III.

Upon gazing down at the four would-be challengers he laughed maniacally and began casting curse after curse starting what would be a short and not so epic battle to the death. We launched bolt after bolt through our hefty crossbows and despite our most valiant efforts, one by one we fell till none of us were left standing. After passing into the spirit realm and wondering aloud to each other WTF happened, we discovered that the entire time we had been shooting the towering demon with bolts of healing and it felt good.

What Diablo 3 looked like in 2005

Male Demon Hunter interview

4 Responses to “TWSK Episode 17 – Carrier Pigeon and Smoke Signals”

  1. ok so have you guys heard about how Diablo 3 is “technically finished”. I think they are talking about story and what not but they are still working on runes and what not. they have a article about it on . Just wanted to make sure you guys know. Love the show guys, best one yet! 😀

    • Nope, hadn’t heard that till you told us, well talk about it in Ep 18, thanks for the feedback and support! 😀

      • Happy to help 😀 also I saw on that there was a blue post about it just recently. Referring to development and all its complications.

  2. iron head Says:

    since you guys are looking to things to talk about every week i thought i throw an idea out there to discuss and that is what hacking will be like in d3. since d2 was overwhelmed with hacks and you guys discussed all the hacks in d1 in a early episode. just like to know if you guys will think that d3 will be hacked in a week or will blizzard actually care about the problems that plague d2 with bots and map hacks. simple solution i thought of is if that if this goes pay to play, have it be a one time credit card payment of .01 so that if people do get caught cheating. that there credit card gets banned and mommy and daddy will be reluctant to give them another. just a thought,keep up the good work love the episodes

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