TWSK Episode 16 – Killer Robots from MARS!

TWSK Episode 16 – Killer Robots from MARS!

In this episode, our tetrad show hosts do battle with an ancient six headed hydra of colossal proportions named Sampson. One of us loses a leg, another both eyes, but we still manage to save our tongues, and ability to rant on about various Diablo related topics till the dust hath settled, or till my laptop battery dies, whichever comes first. Download episode 16 to find out, and while you do that, enjoy the plethora of goodies down below…

Boring shareholder conference call! YAY!!!!!!!

XPlay D3 Coverage

Official Diablo Facebook

G4 PVP Devil vs Devil

3 Responses to “TWSK Episode 16 – Killer Robots from MARS!”

  1. CPsloStudent Says:

    There is a good chance that this will help me procrastinate on Presidents’ Day. Many thanks. đŸ˜€

  2. BeefySquire Says:

    Really short show today guys, enjoyable none the less but hope for more next time >_<

  3. Yeah, time was limited due to me running on just lap top battery. Next show should be nice and long.

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