D3 Live show!!!

Let’s hear some topics you want to discuss on the D3 live show this Friday…

3 Responses to “D3 Live show!!!”

  1. Judging by the exclamation marks, you’re getting more excited as the show is coming closer 😀

    My idea is I’ll just say what’s on my mind about the game during the show, simple as that. I’d say you could do a little commentary on the funniest D3 forum dramas, quoting the funniest and most idiotic posts, but you do that anyway :).

  2. A good topic could be some of the possible talent tree names for the monk and Dm and convo about the trees for the WD Barb and Wiz since we already know those. I for example love the Zombie tree for WD but am not totally convinced with the Conjuring tree for the Wiz.

  3. sorry about that in line 2 i mean DH not Dm :3

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