TWSK Episode 13 – Digital Castration

TWSK Episode 13 – Digital Castration

Show notes to come at a later date, enjoy.

6 Responses to “TWSK Episode 13 – Digital Castration”

  1. Great cast. Hated Duriel…

    If you have not given Titan Quest a try you really should. It’s just as long as D2 I’m pretty sure. If you are bored of D2 and you are looking for something new, it’s a great game.

    And also. If you are still interested in Sacred. Here’s a great site where you can get it for cheap. They make it so all the games work on XP / Vista. And they are all DRM free. Its called good old games. I didn’t really feel like putting the url in here as it would look like I’m some spammer trying to get you to buy $5 Nikes. =P

  2. Question of the Day: Since all the calsses have been released, what class do you plan on playing first once Diablo 3 comes out?

  3. Cpslostudent Says:

    Here’s a question I have for you guys:
    Have you had or do you have any girlfriends / boyfriends, and if so, how did they respond to your interest in video games?

    This stems from having a wife that is less-than-enthused with me using video games as entertainment. (Personally, I feel it is no worse than watching hours of television, and I stay away from WoW to keep from becoming completely lost in a virtual world.)

  4. Cpslostudent Says:

    So… how ’bout them episode notes? Eh? Eh?

    And perhaps a new episode sometime soon too? 🙂

  5. We are waiting for more episodez

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