TWSK Episode 12 – You May Enter The Palace

TWSK Episode 12 – You May Enter The Palace

In which our cast members discuss The Human Centipede in great lengths and gory detail.

Not really, it’s pretty much the standard operating procedure, toss some lore at you, some community feedback and some D2A2 action, enjoy.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Robot Unicorn Attack – Heavy Metal Version

I don’t even know

Neural Impulse Actuator

3 Responses to “TWSK Episode 12 – You May Enter The Palace”

  1. You’re not really right about Russia. Poland kinda trashed it back in the days:

  2. Good cast.

    I know this is a podcast about Diablo. But since you need questions and such. What are your thoughts on the Diablo “clones” out there? I think Titan Quest is the best one out there. In fact, it’s hard for me to play D2 anymore because of the resolution and the old mechanics. And TQ has so many options for builds it’s insane. Only downside for me was the lack of two handed weapons.

  3. As much as I enjoy listening to your discussion about if the Summoner is the Diablo 1 Sorcerer or if Blood Raven is the Rogue, “word of God” has pretty much had its say on this topic at this year’s Blizzcon 🙂

    If you skip to about 7:45 someone mentions how the “implied destinies” of the Diablo 1 classes in Diablo 2 was something he enjoyed and if we’ll see soemthing similar with the Diablo 2 classes in Diablo 3. Someone from Blizzard replied that, when he played Diablo 2, the “implied destinies” of the Diablo 1 classes was one of this favorite things, and he definitely wants to do something for the next game.

    The only thing I can imagine these “implied destinies” being is the Summoner, Blood Raven, and, of course, the Wanderer. So sorry to ruin that whole debate, but now we can speculate about what happened to Diablo 2 classes 🙂

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