TWSK Episode 11 – Blizzcon Special

TWSK Episode 11 – Blizzcon Special

The topic is Diablo, the info is from Blizzcon! Long episode as to be expected with the goody-bag of info we got from this years Blizzcon. Anything we missed that you want us to cover or any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot em our way.

Gameplay Panel

Crafting Sanctuary Panel

Open Q&A

Robot Unicorn

5 Responses to “TWSK Episode 11 – Blizzcon Special”

  1. Hahahahah i cant believe how gay that unicorn game is :D. Am I weird if female WD concept is hot for me :P?

    • not at all, Just the fact that its the WD makes it awesome, being female just make its even more smexy :3

      • Well, they didn’t really execute the weird hotness in the game, she looks like she gave birth to twenty lesbarians.

  2. I agree Czik, the concept art is way more boner inducing than the in game shots.

  3. I wonder how she looks with the mask off. I imagine some dreadlocks and her face still being somehow covered.

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