TWSK Episode 10 – D3 Live Show

TWSK Episode 10 – D3 Live Show

This special edition episode is all about D3, we have some questions we received before the show as well as some questions thrown out by our live audience.

3 Responses to “TWSK Episode 10 – D3 Live Show”

  1. Was fun at the live cast.

    See you at the next one.

  2. 7:59

    I guess I was right after all :P. Blizzard person agrees! Yay for me.

  3. Question: What’s this fortress in Crafting Sanctuary Panel all about? What’s its story, who lives there etc.?
    Question: Now that we know mystic is female: is she Adria or Leah?
    Question: What do you think about traits that give you something useless directly in battle, like extra gold finding and better prices of items? Because I hate that idea, and it seems that Blizz likes it.
    Question: Diablo 3 is coming closer and so finally there’s gonna be a beta. And we’re gonna need beta keys. Let us prepare in advance: How to get them?
    Random Question: Name your favorite non-diablo games.

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