TWSK Episode 9 – It’s Izual not Izual

TWSK Episode 9 – It’s Izual not Izual

Dave: before lod
Dave: came out
Dave: there was a 3% chance that any item you gamble would come out as the unique version of that class of item
Dave: there were no exceptional uniques and elite items did not exist yet
Dave: a popular item to gamble would be tarnhelm
Dave: +1 skills and like 25-50% magic find bonus
Dave: for casters namely
Dave: now for rings and amulets
Dave: if you gambled a unique, it would give them in the order of there level
Dave: for example, Nagelring you would get first
Dave: but if you had a nagelring in your inventory/stash
Dave: you could only gamble the next one in line
Dave: Manald Heal
Dave: and if you had that as well
Dave: then you could only get Stone of Jordan
Dave: now SoJ was very popular
Dave: because it gave +1 skill and 25% of your base mana bonus to total mana
Dave: which on sorceress, necros, etc. was quite solid
Dave: especially energy shield sorceress
Dave: which was the only kind really 😀
Dave: and
Dave: since uniques originally had no required level
Dave: and rings had no stats requirements
Dave: you could put 2 SoJs on a low level character
Dave: for the flat + % mana bonuses
Dave: and +2 skills
Dave: making them useful to everyone
Dave: esp casters
Dave: because back then there were no synergies
Dave: you would NEVER want to put an extra point into say, Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, Glacial Spike, and blizzard sucked, so 1 point too
Dave: all to get frozen orb, on sorceress for an example
Dave: so SoJ + Tarn was the difference
Dave: between casting level 1 ice bolt until you got iceblast
Dave: and level 4 icebolt
Dave: and when you got iceblast, glacial, blizzard, etc., there’s +3 skills off the bat
Dave: to help you level
Dave: so SoJ for the twinking and sorceress builds was crazy popular
Dave: and even popular to noobs on some builds they shouldn’t go on
Dave: so they held great value
Dave: esp since they were pretty rare value
Dave: thus the great gamble fest began
Dave: people would get themself a manald heal and nagelring on a mule character
Dave: have their farmer/magic finder farm up like 1mill gold
Dave: then dump it on that mule and gamble rings like crazy
Dave: and usually get a SOJ or Two
Dave: then mule that onto a trading character
Dave: soon
Dave: godly items
Dave: became exclusively for trade for SOJs
Dave: godly rare bows for amazongs
Dave: in the 150 dmg + ias, etc. state range
Dave: rare executioner swords for S+Shield barbs
Dave: rare lances for magic find barbs
Dave: godly sorc mage plates
Dave: etc.
Dave: and since noobs wanted them badly, they would gladly trade a manald+nagel ring to get one (allowing others who knew how to play the game to gamble more sojs), and also some solid rare items for SOJ(s)
Dave: so SOJs became the main currency
Dave: even if duping wasn’t around
Dave: the gambling made it so
Dave: once lod came out however, with the advent of rust storm
Dave: and blizzard realizing ppl would still spam SOJs and other uniques of worth with gambling
Dave: and the fact that they added exceptional and elite uniques
Dave: blizzard nerfed the gambling of uniques hard
Dave: first off in that not all unique items had the exact same chance to be gambled
Dave: and general unique chance was super low
Dave: down from 3% to maybe 0.02ish %
Dave: so  1/5000 chance or so
Dave: could be wrong
Dave: look it up
Dave: in addition
Dave: they made it to where you no longer gambled only uniques you didn’t have or in any order
Dave: so you could gamble 20 nagel rings
Dave: and never get that SOJ or Manald, or other godly unique rings
Dave: (which were added post LoD)
Dave: also
Dave: ppl on ladder and such
Dave: would gamble rings and amulets like mad
Dave: when the seperate ladder season thing started late in LoD
Dave: because there were no duplicate godly rare rings/amulets left over for ladder players
Dave: so gambling was and is a great way to find new gosu rare jewelry
Dave: esp
Dave: 10% faster cast, all resist, stat rings
Dave: +2 skill 10% faster cast, resist, stat, etc. amulets
Dave: (+2 <class> skill, not all skills)
Dave: like +2 Sorc, +2 Necro, etc.
Dave: however
Dave: non-ladder
Dave: primary most desired amulet/ring is either existing dupes, or more so
Dave: crafted amulets for casters
Dave: because you can get the same stats
Dave: +2 to that char skill tree, 10% FCR, resists, stats, etc.
Dave: but
Dave: the “caster” amulet, for example, made a random rare amulet + added mana and 5-10% faster cast rate
Dave: so you could potentially
Dave: make a
Dave: +2 Sorceress/Necro/Druid (or +3 Sorc Cold/Druid Elemental/Necro Bone+Poison, etc.) skill level, 20% faster cast, other stats  amulet
Dave: since all characters had specific faster cast rate breakpoints
Dave: like say sorc was maybe 65 , 105, 200 FCR to get to the next speed (1 less frame of casting animation)
Dave: if that amulet had 20% faster cast rate and the +2 class skills, or +3 tree skills: GOOD GAME
Dave: you could then maybe say, use a Stone of Jordan on your crazy e-shield sorc
Dave: instead of the +10% fcr ring and 10% fcr amulet
Dave: just Soj + 20% FCR amulet
Dave: that being said
Dave: most ppl still used gambled or duped rare amulets
Dave: cause the crafted 20% would be ungodly rare and expensive to trade for

12 Responses to “TWSK Episode 9 – It’s Izual not Izual”

  1. Nice Ale, Nice show. Would have been better with feedback tho. Jordan’s SUIICIDEEE was just so epic :D. I’m gonna do a funny dance remix of it when if I’ll have too much free time :).

  2. Not going well with this, but we’ll see. I had something like this in mind:

    Anyway, I don’t remember this: did you ever talk about the original story of The Countess?

  3. I would post on the forums and bump up your topics but I lost my CD Case a long time ago. I gotta say I really enjoy the casts.

    Keep it up.

  4. im tuning in for the next show all the way from france!

  5. ill be tuning in all the way from france!

  6. You know what? Live show was so amazing and I enjoyed it so much that I just wanna have it goin’ every week, even if it means I have to wake up at 6 AM on Saturday :). I was listening to show 9 again, and I think you missed some of act 1 stuff there: I mean, act 1 is as big as Diablo 1, and you could basically do it for few shows. And squeezing it into one show, it would still be great to include all locations and monsters

  7. harmonic_resonance Says:

    Tuning in from near Blizzard Headquarters here in Orange County, CA. I really like your show, especially the “LORE” section. It was a lot of fun to learn lore from the books, thanks. Keep it up guys, I’ll be tuning in from now on!!!

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