TWSK Episode 8 – Die Maggot!

TWSK Episode 8 – Die Maggot!

Our first live show, we talk about D2 character classes and answer some live listeners’ questions, including some D3 questions.

Soviet Waldo

One Response to “TWSK Episode 8 – Die Maggot!”

  1. Cpslostudent Says:

    Oh, man! I forgot about the original form of D2’s Lightning Mastery just lowering mana cost. I’m impressed you guys remembered that. 🙂

    The Conviction-Zealot paladin build is one of my favorites! I’ve had 3 or so incarnations of “RightWingDA” (conviction-zealot) on the ladders over the years, and I love tanking for elementalists with him. Whereas so many lament Enigma stealing away the Sorceresses’ signature Teleport, I lament more often how the overuse of Infinity Polearm Mercenaries makes the Conviction Paladin a novelty rather than a desirable contribution to a party.

    The thing I have against Duriel is he is cold immune and his chamber makes it nearly impossible to use weak secondary tactics to wear him down. I am completely opposed to the idea of any act boss being immune to a primary build for a class (Ice Sorceresses); highly resistant is fine (except when they heal faster than you can damage them), but outright immune is not ok.

    I still have mixed feelings about Act 3. I liked how the Fetishes usually could outrun you, as D2 had a problem with a lot of threatening monsters were too easy to retreat from. I liked how the forests sometimes linked up in more than one spot, because I consider complete map linearity rather boring. I liked fighting in Travincal against the Council, and I thought the overall feel of the monsters in the act was thematically perfect.

    However, I understand people’s hatred for Act 3 as well, as some of my less mobile characters (like a Bowazon, who has no teleporting, leaping, or speed abilities) made trudging through such a long act unpleasant at best. I am convinced that the path to the Flayer Jungle sometimes attached to the Marshes and sometimes attached to the Spider Forest, and that pissed me off when I got lost trying to progress with a character with limited mobility.

    The instant death multi-shot Blizzarding hero Hierophants and the healing squads of Champion Hierophants (that you could not kill because they healed each other too fast) were extremely lame, and I did not appreciate being a melee hero against the Undead Stygian Dolls. The monsters themselves were cool, just way too cheap in their attacks and whatnot.

    (Speaking of squads of healers, does anyone remember what patch caused hero Shamans (Fallen, Flayers, or Mummies) to spawn without weaker shamans which they would revive endlessly? I considered that change one of the best balancing changes that people don’t seem to notice much.)

    Lastly, I HATED how defeating the council caused all the Zealots to retreat from you in future games, even heroes! They are bigger chickens than the Blood Moor Fallen, which is ridiculous. It made magic finding in the Kurast areas very not-fun for me, because so many of the monsters would flee rather than face me.

    Oh, and on an unrelated note, do any of you guys remember stumbling on a pack of champion Blood Hawk *NESTS*? It is freaking hilarious, I tell you. 😛

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