Show 8 and D2

Podcast 8 is rapidly approaching, this time tomorrow I will be getting things ready to record the start of the Diablo 2 chapter in The Worldstone Keep. Exciting times, I get giddy like a little school girl just thinking about it.

With that said, we have some new steps we are going to be trying out to make things more interesting for the community and get more community input on the show. I am currently working on ways for us to play soundclips live while we record. This will in turn do two things for the show, 1 make it much easier to edit and thus shows will be released sooner, and 2, give the community the option to send us an MP3 recorded question, comment or stance on something we talk about on the show, or something they want us to talk about on the show.

Provided I work out the kinks, we will attempt a live streaming recording of the show that the community can join in on. If everything goes well, this may become a regular thing, with a chat room to ask questions or make comments as we record.

One last thing we will be doing is a new segment where we ask the community a random question every week and go over the answers on the following show. Once again, leave us your thoughts on these new ideas and any ideas you have of ways we can improve the show and overall community experience!

A big thank you for all who listen and enjoy the show, you’re the driving force behind what makes us enjoy recording this show so much every week!

One Response to “Show 8 and D2”

  1. If your going to be doing a live stream thing, what website do i go on and how do i reach the live cast? im not that good with computers so i may need some extra instruction.

    Also, during show 5 (or 6) you guys mentioned the Farnham the drunk. his Diablo 2 counter part is Geglash. you find him in the tavern in act 2. I too loved that guy
    “Ohh… I’d go with ya’ to those tombs… But… umm… I don’t like all that living dead stuff.”

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