We have been shamed!

This comes from the official Diablo 3 forums as a reply to the release post of show 7 –

From Cpslostudent

“Ah, man… you guys were not the slightest bit impressed by Sierra’s Hellfire? I thought it was good fun, and have been reminiscing about a number of features that you did not even bring up. I give you guys a C- on your review of it. It is a little disappointing that it was an unofficial expansion and has been deemed non-cannon, but still, you should have shown a little more love to it (especially since I think some aspects of it inspired some stuff seen in D2:Classic and LoD).

First off, I liked the elemental copies of a number of spells, just to mix things up, such as Lightning Wall and Immolation (the fire version of Nova that shot Fireballs in all directions). Also, being able to learn spells (such as Nova and Armageddon) that were previously staff-only was quite a perk.

I think I agree that the Hive was an out-of-place addition to the Diablo world, but the Crypt had some sweet new monsters (Crypt Demons, Arch Liches, Reapers, Satyr Lords, etc.).

There were a few very interesting item additions, as I recall. I played the Rogue class mainly, and I recall there being a Bow which shot FREAKING FIREBALLS rather than arrows. And there was some armor called the Bovine Plate (damage reduction and resists, but reduced your spell levels… sweet for a warrior that didn’t use spells much). How do neat items like that get completely brushed over in your review??

They introduced Runes, which I think were basically traps you could lay down that would cast a spell when an enemy triggered them. It was not amazingly effective, but still fun. They also introduced Oils, which when used on armor or a weapon would give a permanent bonus to damage, armor, or durability. I delighted in saving them up and then lubing my end-game weapon to make it even more powerful.

The Monk was ok, but I think I decided he was too fragile to be much fun. I spent a lot of time trying to hide in corners to take advantage of the cleaving strike he had with staves while at the same time avoiding being completely surrounded. His class skill was Search, which highlighted items on the ground (which was AMAZINGLY useful when trying to find your rings after respawning, especially when they were hiding behind a wall).

However, you completely neglected to mention the hidden classes that could be activated by inserting a line of code into an initialization text file (or something like that). The Barbarian just reused the Warrior model, and the Bard just reused the Rogue model, but they were still a lot of fun to play around with, and I consider those classes part of the Hellfire experience. You also would get access to the Jersey’s Jersey quest (oh yes, a man in a cow suit!) and Cecelia and Theodore’s quest (weird ghost girl).

  • The Barbarian class had no magic capability (maximum Magic stat was 0), but could cleave attack with axes (like the Monk did with staves) and had some sort of Blood Lust (Rage?) class skill. If you liked beating things to death and did not care to bother with magic, this was definitely something to try out.
  • The Bard class that could dual-wield swords (I think essentially just stacking their damage into one weapon), could get her magic stat up pretty high, and could Identify items herself as a class skill.

    If you are toying around with Hellfire, you really should try out the hidden content. Your experience is incomplete without it. If you want a reference as to how to activate this content, check out this website:

  • Needless to say, we did a poor job on Hellfire, this will be mentioned in show 8 though we won’t go over everything. We appreciate the feedback and thank you for shaming us Cpslostudent!

    One Response to “We have been shamed!”

    1. Cpslostudent Says:

      Don’t let my hyper-criticism get you down, boys. I love the podcasts, and am getting all twitchy waiting for number 8.

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