TWSK Episode 7 – Yuenglings, Shenanigans and Craft Beer

TWSK Episode 7 – Yuenglings, Shenanigans and Craft Beer


All Time Greatest Video Game Villain

For those of you out there who play L4D2 THIS is the map I was talking about. It is a HL2 map for L4D2, “We Don’t Go To Ravenholm”, I said blackholm in the show by mistake.

Did some searching for Hellfire as freeware but I couldn’t find it anywhere outside of Torrents.

The Monk

2 Responses to “TWSK Episode 7 – Yuenglings, Shenanigans and Craft Beer”

  1. Kinda short. Probably because of 2 reasons:
    -There’s not much stuff in hellfire to talk about. I think you forgot aboutBard and Barbarian tho
    -There wasn’t really a lot of community feedback

    I believe that’s all gonna change with show 8, because of Diablo 2. It had so much more content than Diablo 1 that it’s gonna provide some serious stuff to talk about. And also, because it’s much more popular than D1 and more people played it, it’s gonna bring you more fans, more feedback and basically – improve the show hugely.

    IMO you should start the next show with talking ’bout classes, and then slowly go through all the acts like you went through D1 – talk about storyline, quests, NPC’s, monsters and locations in each act. And the LoD expansion should probably be treated like integral part of the game and not as a separate thing ‘cuz almost everyone that had D2 also had the expantion :P.

    I don’t have much else to say, i didn’t even play hellfire… I’m looking forward to Diablo 2 stuff next week, so be good and make the show in time :D.

  2. cool episode. was already getting worried after show 6. but u guys still got it 😉

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