TWSK Episode 6 – Gluttony

TWSK Episode 6 – Gluttony

Oh hey look, Show 6!

2 Responses to “TWSK Episode 6 – Gluttony”

  1. Ok. Finished listening to the shows. Episode 5 is great, 6th one is… Well… Sort of hollow, empty without the community stuff. Awesome idea with the webcast tho. My idea about it is that you make some kinda voice-chat channel with one of you guys as the admin, and fans can listen to you live and ask questions, talk to you (if you let them ofc. :P)… This shall be recorded, edited and probably released as some special episode.

    But one thing worries me. You have like 40 followers on facebook. How many people you think would be there listening to the webcast? Because if fans don’t show up, it will be pointless. If you are gonna do this, better plan it far ahead with your fans, so a lot of them can be there with ya. And finding the right day will be hard, because you don’t have a lot of free time… So think about this really seriously.

  2. Interview question: your favorite TV shows (not necessarily the ones that are on TV these days).

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