TWSK Episode 4 – Fresh Undies

TWSK Episode 4 – Fresh Undies

All about D3 this week as we cover the info they released during Gamescom.

Gamescom Q+A Pt 1

Gamescom Q+A Pt 2

Gamescom Q+A Pt 3


Jay Interview Pt 1

Jay Interview Pt 2

5 Responses to “TWSK Episode 4 – Fresh Undies”

  1. Well, that was a nice episode. It’s cool that I already checked out all the stuff about gamescom news, but it was still entertaining and fun to listen to the podcast.

    There was a Diablo 3 demo at gamescom, but it was the one from Blizzcon 2009.

    I too was pissed off at the artisan being our item-identifier guy. Poor Cain :(.

    With characters returning, I’m so excited about Adria! She is obviously more powerful than it seemed. Also, Cain seemed interested about her in D1, I wonder how these two get along in D3.

    About the Summoner: I think he IS black. Check this out:

    Anyway, I would ask some questions and stuff, but it’s 3AM here, so I’ll leave it here for now.

    PS: You’ve got it almost right about my nick, it was the second guess – “chick” like in “chicken” :). Anyway, there’s no need to talk about it in the podcast, but thanks anyway ;].

  2. Felt like there should of been more editing to this podcast. The weather part was not needed. To much blah blah. Felt kinda rushed on this. Exciting but rushed and felt a little disorganized with the amount of new info.

    Take your time and map it out with the editing. Great information on the podcast and stuff that I had missed. Good homework.

  3. Yay! This podcast seems to have a positive effect on my math skills, because after staying up till 4 AM i succeeded to pass my exam only 4 hours later :). Anyway, I’ve got a lore speculation/question: The World Stone drained power from the Nephalem making them weak humans. With the stone destroyed, are humans gonna regain their power and become Nephalem again?

  4. good job on the podcast, guys. i was never before interested in any lore of any game but you really present it well.
    i also really enjoy ken’s dry sense of humor. it contributes in an amusing way to the babble of you geeks. but don’t worry, you’re among peers. we’re into the nerdiness.

  5. so i’ve been looking up some of the lore concerning the diablo universe and i must say that the single thing that amazed me the most was uldyssian. simply for the fact that he seems to be the most powerful being in the “universe”. for in this text
    it says that at that big ass battle versus inarius at some points angels and demons joined the slaughter. shortly after uldyssian stops time and orders both factions – well actually he doesn’t order them, he just makes them and by making them i really do making them – back to where they came from…
    after i read that part and let it sink in a little i had one thaught: well that seems more like a god than gay-ass jesus with his water to wine trick.

    the next thing i read rather didn’t sound as divine tho. apparently his powers had grown so incredibly strong that he did not have the strength to wield and contain them (which kinda makes me see a big fat sign in my mind that reads “contradiction”).
    so as a result of this/his uncontrollable might the world around him starts falling to pieces since the incomprehensible force needs to “go somewhere” in order to channel itself. now in a selfless act of compassion he gets his thought hammer on one last time and focuses on destroying himself. kinda like a self destruct button before everything turns fubar. oh, and in his dying last seconds he of course resurrects some guys, since thats like a piece of cake obviously. after that the archangels decide on the fate of sanctuary and so on and so forth.

    now my question is: is this author always high on funny substances while writing diablo lore or wtf is the matter here? did i misunderstand something? did this guy fuck up the summary? something seems to really have gotten outta hand at that point.
    so please jordan, give me some clarification on that you crazy diablo encyclopaedia.

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