TWSK Episode 3 – Super Powers and Speaking French

TWSK Episode 3 – Super Powers and Speaking French



Not much on D1 this week but we answered some questions and went over some feedback we got from previous shows. Next week we’ll spend a bit more time going over the NPC’s you’ll meet in Tristram.

This show is quite a bit shorter than the previous two. We had some busy schedules over the weekend so we were unable to record at our usual time. We got everything sorted out though, and were able to record on Sunday after a loooooooooooooooooong weekend, we were all pretty worn out. I’ll be in Vegas for five days next week, so we will hopefully, be recording on Sunday next week as well. Hope you all enjoy the show and don’t forget to shoot us some questions, comments or any feedback you have. Some ratings on itunes would be great too!

5 Responses to “TWSK Episode 3 – Super Powers and Speaking French”

  1. Very nice. Not much Diablo 1 stuff, but really good lore section.

    It was very to hear you talking so much about feedback you got, answering all the questions…

    I actually got inspired by the podcast to play D1 again… I got into some lore about it, and there’s some interesting stuff. You said on the earlier podcast that Archbishop Lazarus was first to be corrupted by Diablo. It gets much deeper: Lazarus was a Zakarum priest from Kurast, and the Zakarum there was all totally corrupted by Mephisto – Lazarus was actually the keeper of Mephisto’s soulstone in Travincal, and he was then sent to the West to help Diablo.

    Another thing that I found interesting is that when the canonic D1 warrior becomes Dark Wanderer containing Diablo essence, the other 2 characters are also there and also are corrupted. Rouge becomes Blood Raven, and Sorcerer – the Summoner (guy in Arcane Sanctuary). So you get to fight all of them as D2 bosses. Cool.

    D1 was a pretty scary game, if you played it alone, with headphones on, in the middle of the night… D2 – not so much, and I don’t really know why; it had bosses with loud voices, monsters appearing from nowhere, rooms filled with corpses… So, there comes a question: aren’t you afraid about the scary, original essence of Diablo games not being maintained?

    Also, not Diablo-related one: do you watch “The Guild” web series? I find it really funny, and the season 4 is out, with new episode out every week now.

    That would be it, I guess. Only one more thing: my nick should be pronounced like “chick” rather than “cizik” (it’s Polish) :).

    I’ll be waiting for the next one, keep it coming ;].

  2. I dont know about the Rogue specifically turning into Blood raven, and Im almost certain that the summoner is not the sorcerer. I know it says that on the diablo wiki, but I have been playing the game a lot lately and the towns people in act 2 say differently. But, dont take my word for it. lets let Jordan figure that out (he is the professional after all 🙂

    I do need to agree with you on the D1 vs D2 scary aspect. I dont think taht they will delve to deep into the scary stuff for doablo 3 because the fast paced kill demon thing sells. and selling is good

    you guys are doing great on the show. If i could make a suggestion, try to talk more about diablo. I know its hard and with Star craft on everyone mind, it just seemed out of place. I still havent played SC2 and when i skipped ahead, it made it a nice podcast about well, Diablo. whatever you did differently for #3, do that again. it was organized, clear, and it worked (apparently it also made for an easy editing job too)

    I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU ALL!! two questions actually…

    What… is your quest? -no thats not my question O_o

    What is your most favorite act and/or level? and why?. levels being those of Diablo 1. expansions included

    Question 2:

    Who would win in a fight. Kerrigan VS the Lich King? (tell ken to enjoy that one)

  3. You should do a special part about gamescom – Jay announced some cool stuff about Diablo 3. I know you’re not about D3 right now but this is hot new stuff and it would be cool to talk about it while it’s still fresh, hot and new, you know :).

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