TWSK Episode 2 – El Chupacabra and Harry Potter

Well since I have been re-listening to the Harry Potter audio books at work, gearing up for the first part of the final movie, its influence has shown through during various moments on the show. As for the goat sucker, well, let’s just say that’s what you are if you don’t enjoy the podcast! It’s another long one, my goal was half an hour to forty five minutes, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s things never go according to plan.

TWSK Episode 2 – El Chupacabra and Harry Potter




I’ll add more show notes tomorrow… 7 hours of editing has burned me out.

3 Responses to “TWSK Episode 2 – El Chupacabra and Harry Potter”

  1. Alex Snell Says:

    Just some feedback,

    Sorry if you got my first message as it was cut off. Let me start over.

    Great work on the podcast and it’s great you guys take the time to talk about Diablo. Just as a feedback though I feel the lore part is boring and it’s hard to keep focus on the podcast during those parts. No offense to the Lore but it doesn’t feel structured and it keeps falling on tangents sometimes or it goes off to other thing semi related. Now I understand most of it and some of it is interesting but things lose focus when the books are involved. Maybe it’s just me but I thought I would bring it up non the less.

    An idea for you. Set up the podcast in separate segments. What I mean is don’t just jump into news right after lore. Make a musical or sound transition. Example: At the end of the lore segment you can say “coming up on the Worldstone Keep we will talk about news involving the release of Starcraft 2 and we will answer you mail.” *interlude of background music and a community message telling how we can be involved etc. Then cut to news segment.

    Doing this will create a flow or a pace for the podcast. Go to and go to their podcast for what I’m talking about. I’m not saying copy what they do but it will give you an idea on structure that I’m talking about.

    I’m actually a good RL friend of Ken. I understand what kind of a program your doing and it’s great. I hope nothing but the best on this awesome idea of a podcast made by the community, for the community.

    Keep it up!

    PS: if you had 1 super power what would it be?

  2. Hey.

    About the lore…
    I think the lore segment of first episode was very good and clear. With this one, second half of the lore part wasn’t very clear. Maybe because the other guys didn’t actually ask so much questions like “am I getting this right?”.

    Basically, I love the whole thing, I wouldn’t mind if it was longer or something. I think the lore part should be more connected to the game part. Now it’s like first you talk only about lore, and then you’re all like “I liked that monster in the cathedral, it was really badass”. So why don’t you give us some more lore about the monsters and locations when you’re talking about your experience with Diablo games?

    The other thing thing I would really like to hear in the podcast is a bit actually about Diablo 3. In the first 2 episodes, you pretty much only mention it when talking about old Diablo games. You don’t talk about the things Blizzard said about Diablo 3, all the speculations, ideas… It would be nice if there was a section about it.

    By the way – the sound effects in the second episodes were brilliant, perfect… Way better than the first ones. Imagine this… It’s god damn middle of the night and I lay back in my chair, enjoying your first episode. I have my eyes closed, because I’m bit sleepy, and the speakers sound volume is high, because you talk pretty quietly. And then, out of nowhere… The SFX. I almost shat bricks there, I tell you… Bloody horrifying.

    Some questions I want to ask:
    -Did you play DotA in Warcraft 3? It’s a kind of map.
    -Lore thing: is (or was) there someone (or something) above angels? Like god of some kind. Someone who kinda created the whole bunch.

    • And one more thing – but you probably looked it up already anyway. It was the French who started calling 1.5 hand sword “epee batarde” – a bastard sword. It was called that because design of it didn’t really fit into one-handed or to-handed sword “family” – it was something irregular, “of dubious origin, having a misleading appearance”. Therefore, it was like a bastard.

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