TWSK Podcast, Episode 1 – Hot Demons – Broken

Episode 1 – Hot Demons – Awww  you broke the link to the broken show!!!!!!! Get the new one up top!



In the first show we cover some lore surrounding the world of Diablo. We discuss character classes, spells and some of our favorite monsters from Diablo 1. News section goes over the Blizzard real ID system, but most importantly, we discuss Hot Demons.

5 Responses to “TWSK Podcast, Episode 1 – Hot Demons – Broken”

  1. Eric Snell Says:

    Very interesting Pod cast you guys. The Diablo franchise is a very interesting (and somewhat) fickle one to go over. A good dungeon crawler is one of those types of games that almost every generation can enjoy. What amazes me is how more notably Diablo 2 has stood the test of time and is still one of (if not the only) Good dungeon crawlers out today. It is an interesting genre that almost everyone can find at least SOME enjoyment from it.

    From someone who plays games at a very casual pace, Blizzard has come up with some of the most interesting forms of entertainment. if you wanna play for 1/2 hour, you can. if you wanna play for 24 hours straight (Ken…) then you have enough to keep you going.

  2. ive been reading the d3 forums for a while now and been waiting for something like this. im not active on the forums because i cannot find my cd key but i like to browse the threads every once and a while. you guys are doing an amazing job so far. keep up the good work.

  3. OK! Here I am, the one in the thousands of your listeners that can explain medieval weaponry to you.

    The so-called William Wallace great sword was a 15th Century weapon (totally wrong in the movie) designed to give some extra weight and power behind sword blows. Armour worked really really well, so most war swords fell out of favor as mass weapons began to replace them. The great sword is a further evolution of that, meant to add concussive force to a blow.

    The leather wrap above the hilt was for a technique called “half-swording,” wherein you’d grab the wrap there to effectively shorten the blade in order to get greater leverage in piercing techniques. The idea was that pierceing the vulnerable spots in the visor slits, armpits etc. required more control and more power. Visit to see how these weapons were really used.

    The name “bastard sword” is a purely D&D invention, as is the term “chainmail.” A bastard sword is simply a larger war sword that became common in the late 14th Century that could be used with one or both hands, depending on circumstance. It did not have a special name like “bastard sword.” “Chainmail” is also false as the term “mail,” from “mailles” in Old French, means something that is made of links or chain. “Chainmail” is therefore redundant. There is no such thing as “ring mail,” “scale mail,” “splinted mail” or “plate mail.” Well, ring mail is an invented idea of an armour with rings attached to a leather backing, so that term can slide because it isn’t anything authentic. The rest ought to be called, respectively: “Scale” or “lorica squamata” (Latin); lamellar, coat of plates or brigadine, depending on what exactly they had in mind with that; and plate is simply plate. Arabs did have a “plate mail” of sorts, but historians and armourers tend to refer to it as “mail and plates”

    For any and all questions on weapons, armour, and their uses and production, shoot me an e-mail. Nice work, fellas!

  4. Says:

    Great post.Never knew this, thanks for letting me know.

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